06 Oct

Basic Strategy of Poker Game

First of all you need to know the basics strategy of the game then you can start to play the game. The best strategy is to play the game in simple way. You must check your hands for flushes and then set your hand according to a preplanned strategy. Before you start to play confirm your hand for pairs, straight flush, or royal flush. If you do not have any then for the 2 hand you use your second and third highest ca
26 Aug

Most Popular Video Poker

The popularity of this game trunk from the fact that it combines the ease of using a slot machine with the ability required for poker. The continuing love affair with video poker is because the gamblers have some control in the luck equation as can be seen from the points below: 1.Player can take more advantage, and it does not require that you be a smarts to be a master of this game 2.Transparency in gambling 3.En
21 Mar

How To Play Pai Gow Poker

Pai Gow poker is a new and exotic game on the casino circuit these days. Pai Gow is something of a variation of a popular domino game called Gai Gow. As the name suggests this game is of a Chinese origin. The Pai Gow poker game is not like conventional poker where you play against other players. In Pai Gow, you play one-on-one against the banker. The object of the game is to make the best hands. Whoever has the bet
25 Jan

Online Video Poker

Online video poker casinos are a recent arrival at the casino scenario. The earliest poker game at these online poker casinos was only Jacks or better draw poker. Now there are many different variations of the poker game at these casinos. You can make your choice from more than a hundred variations of the online versions of the game of poker. Some of the games on offer at the online video poker casinos are Joker Po