11 Sep

Rules of Craps Odds Bets

One of the best bet in craps odds there, as the player will not find any house edge. Also known as Supplemental bets, they are back up bets on the Line bets that is Pass or Don’t Pass, Come or Don’t Come. The Craps odds bets are provisional in what Point or Come Point has to be recognized. At the time of result the player cannot place a Pass Odds bet or the Don’t Pass Odds bet. The higher Craps Odds bet is 3
09 Sep

Advantage of Craps Odds

Craps is a more entertaining and fast-growing game. It is a game of luck but gives a lot of fun too. It includes a number of the best winning bets. Craps rules differ a little bit from one casino to another. However, the expected value of many bets is only negative to some extent. The most favorable bets that have the most favorable rules give a house benefit of just 0.18%. All the bets have an off-putting wish, le
25 Mar

Craps Strategies For Tournaments

In a tournament, the kinds of bets you make will be unusual from the ones made in the normal course of play. This is because you are no longer involved in a contest against the house but against the fellow players. In such tournaments, two top players from every round make it into the next. Therefore, at the end there can be as many as ten prizewinners. In such tournament, the goal of yours is to make the greatest