Roulette Strategy

Roulette is purely a game of probability. You may have heard the story about the talented engineer, Joseph Jagger, who in 1875 exploited the bias on a Roulette wheel to gain an edge and famously become ‘the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo’, but since that time land-based casinos have been rigorously checking the balance of their wheels to prevent a repeat! Online casinos use random number generators to simulate the zero-bias of a real-world Roulette wheel so it’s a mathematical certainty that every number has an equal chance of being the outcome of a spin.

What this resource with respect to policy is that, in the absence of any bias or component of skill, the most helpful bets are where the lowest house edge is. A breakdown of the house edge in Roulette can be found here, and you’ll immediately see that European Roulette makes for a smarter choice than American Roulette with its Double-Zero. With a lower house edge per equivalent bet, finding a European-style game is a smart first step if you’re going to play online Roulette.

You may see strategies based on multiple Straight Bets (which have the highest house edge) touted on the Internet, but if you’re new to Roulette we’d recommend using the strategy of betting where the lowest house edge is, combined with good money management as the best basic impend to play. You’ll see that the house edge on a number of bets is actually pretty low so you can have considerable fun mixing up the types of bet you make, without surrendering too much advantage to the house.