Regular Slots

Slots are almost certainly the simplest games to be aware of and play at an online casino. If you’ve ever played a Fruit Machine of some kind you’ll know what to expect – three spinning reels are each marked with a multiplicity of symbols and, if after the reels are spun then randomly stopped, a certain combination of symbols is shown the result is a payoff linked to that combination.

There are fairly a few variations of Slots machines online but the basic gameplay is always basically the same. A player ‘buys’ a spin by depositing money in the machine, typically by clicking virtual coins onscreen to the value they want to bet, and then sets the practical reels in motion by clicking a ‘spin’ button. To make sure a fair game, all the online casinos we feature use separately certified random number generators to decide the outcome of a player’s spin, so you can be sure that the Slots in these casinos are not ‘fixed’ against the player.

On one occasion the reels have stopped the final combination is read left to right across the centre of the game window – this is the ‘payline’. The payoff table, which shows the combinations that are ‘wins’ and the linked payoff, is usually shown in a panel at the top of the Slot machine, but you may sometimes find there is a divide ‘Payout Table’ button that needs to be clicked to reveal this information.

If you previously play real-world Slots Machines you may discover online Slots a bit over-simplified compared to the physical machines originate in pubs and clubs. Functions like ‘holds’ and ‘nudges’ are rarely found – it’s usually just a single, spin-to-win game of chance. Though online Slots do have an advantage in that they usually allow the player to switch coin values without having to switch to another machine.

Gradually more you are also likely to find online Slots with Auto play features. In truth we’re not sure if this is anything to get excited about, but if you find pushing the ‘spin’ button a bit of a chore you can get the machine to automatically trigger up to 99 spins for you. You can of course override Auto play at anytime you want to stop gambling on that sitting.

The major variations of the basic Slots game you’ll find online are five-reel and ‘multi-line’ games. Five-reel slots are often billed as Video Slots and, clearly sufficient, have two more reels than the basic Slot Machine described above. The quantity of permutations possible on these machines is much greater than for a three-reel Slot so payoff tables are more complex and offer higher odds combinations. ‘Multi-line’ Slots also offer the player an opportunity to bet on combinations appearing on different paylines across the game window, so that a single spin offers more than one way to win. These games are very easy to pickup and you will often find good online casinos offer a ‘for fun’ version of the game which allows you to take them for a free spin (every pun intended) before you decide to put any real money into them.

One other feature of online Slots that is incredibly beautiful to players is the attract of Progressive Jackpots, of which you’ll find additional detail by clicking at this point.