Red Dog Rules – The Basics

Actually this is a card game played with a single standard deck of 52 playing cards. The aim in Red Dog is to correctly bet that the value of a third card drawn from the deck will fall between the values of the two preceding cards drawn by the dealer. In Red Dog the picture cards have the following values; Jack – 11; Queen – 12; King –13; and the Ace counts as 14.
Details of Play
Red Dog is played on a casino games table similar to the classic Blackjack one. Ahead of the first cards being dealt, online gambling players place their chosen value of bet by placing virtual chips on the ‘Bet’ area of the onscreen table.

Once all bets have been placed, the virtual dealer draws two cards placing them face up on the table. A marker (often featuring a picture of a Red Dog, naturally!) is then placed on the table to indicate the ‘spread’ between these first two cards.

The initial deal of the two cards in Red Dog creates three possible outcomes:

Pair Hand The two cards are of the same value. In this situation the third card is automatically drawn. If it is also of the same value as the first two, all players win with a payoff of 11 to 1. If the third card is different, a Push is declared and players’ original bets are returned.
Consecutive Hand The value of the two cards is consecutive (e.g. 5 and 6, or King and Ace). No third card is drawn, the hand is declared a Push and players’ bets are returned.
Non-Consecutive Hand This is the most common outcome and the one in which players can raise their bets ahead of the third card being drawn,
All winning bets in Non-Consecutive Hands have payoffs linked to the spread as follows.

Spread Payout
1 5 to 1
2 4 to 1
3 2 to 1
4 to 11 1 to 1
Playing Online

A wise move when choosing to play any game at an online casino is to read that casino’s game guide too. There maybe certain variations to the rules they operate under, and it’s also useful to read up on how that casino’s software presents the player’s controls. Also see if there’s a freeplay ‘for fun’ version of the game to try, as this is the very best way to understand how to play and control it, ahead of playing for real money bets.