Progressive Slots

Lots of online casinos offer ‘Progressive Jackpots’ amongst their selections of online Slots games, and these are a popular draw for many players because of the substantial cash prizes they can offer.

The games are played no differently to other Slots; conversely they don’t have a permanent payout for the top payout. The progressive jackpot is started from a particular level by the casino (somewhere between £1000 and £50,000 is usual, depending on the minimum cost bet on the machine) and grows with every turn of the machine that fails to win it. This addition at the most popular online casino can be very quick indeed and lead to some serious seven-figure jackpots. You’ll often see ‘taxi-meter’ style displays on the home pages of online casinos that make a feature of their progressive jackpot games, which continually update to show the present jackpot headlines. If you find the current potential prize on a ‘meter’ is irresistibly huge, you should also find a link near it to get you straight to the Slot in question and make your play for that tasty jackpot!

Once a Slot’s progressive jackpot has been successfully claimed, that machine reverts to its original starting prize and the jackpot begins to build again.