Craps Wrong Betting

If you’re already au fait with the basics of Craps, or have read our advice on ‘right betting’ in this section, you’ll know that ‘wrong betting’ in this classic casino game is about betting touching the Shooter (and if you need to ask ‘Who or what is The Shooter?’ at this point we’d definitely recommend you click through to our Beginners Guide to Craps before reading on!)

Just like the line of attack for ‘right betting’, the smartest bets to play at online Craps are those with the buck house edge. From the selection of possible ‘wrong bets’ you can make in Craps, this marks out the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come Bet as the wagers to favour. Where the online Craps game you desire to play offers supplementary bets to these two, this should also be considered as part of a favorite strategy as these offer the same house edge, and indeed can reduce the house edge further where the supplementary bet can be a multiple of the initial Don’t Pass or Don’t Come Bet it’s supplementing. The maths is such that the bigger the multiple of the supplementary bet the closer the house edge gets to the magic 0%.

As with the best ‘right betting’ strategy, sticking to such a limited set of bets might seem a bit unimaginative with so many different bets to try, but don’t forget that the potential ‘skill’ of The Shooter is not a consideration with the random-number-generated rolls of online Craps. Looking for the lowest house edge really is the way to go if you want to maximise the possibilities of beating the house at online Craps.