Craps Right Betting

First things first: ‘Right’ gambling in Craps means betting with the Shooter. Secondly if any of those last sentences is gobbledygook to you then we strongly recommend you read our Beginners Guide to Craps before venturing any further!

When it comes to result a decent strategy for ‘right’ gaming at an online Craps table, there are two principle things to consider. One is the ‘house edge’ of the right bets available to you (of which more later) and the other is the skill of the Shooter. This last statement is not a deliberate attempt to be satirical; it’s simply an important point to make clear a fundamental strategic difference between playing Craps online and Craps with real dice on a real table in a land-based club. With the real-world game, some Shooters can display some skill in toss standard casino dice, producing certain results with greater reliability than might be expected if the outcome is truly random. A skilled Shooter can help players bet a little more wisely if they’re showing some consistency in the outcome of their throws, with the obvious caveat that ‘past performance is no guarantee of future returns’! The ‘dice’ in online Craps games is technically rolled by an independently certified random number producer, taking away any vestiges of ‘skill’ in rolling the dice. The truth is that the sensible strategy to apply if you want to play online Craps is, in combination with good money organization, to aim for bets with the lowest house edge.

A low house edge indicates a bet with odds that are close to the actual mathematical chance of winning it. Why’s this a good thing? Well, it means the potential payoff more closely matches the actual mathematical risk of the bet, and the average loss per bet is reduced.

When ‘right betting’ in online Craps the Pass Line and Come Bet offer the buck house edge and are the most careful bets (for a list of the odds and related house edge for Craps bets click here). Some online casino Craps games also allow the supplementary ‘free odds’ bets to be added to a player’s initial Pass Line and /or Come Bet, and as a multiple of that bet. These bets also offer the lowest house edge with the added incentive that if you wager a multiple of the original bet you’re supplementing, the house edge will be summary further. For this reason many online casinos limit the maximum amount players can add to the table in this way to no more than double the initial Pass or Come bet.

Sticking to such a limited choice of bets in a game which offers so many permutation may seem potentially boring, but if your objective is to increase your chances of achieving an overall gain when playing a session this is the smartest way to play.