Craps Money Management

Intellectual management of your player account with an online casino is an imperative part of any online Craps strategy, since it’s a good way to impartially assess your performance through a session.

Always remember that online Craps is completely a game of probability, so the only skill to be brought to bear is choosing the most advantageous bets and knowing when to quit. The most advantageous bets in online Craps are explained in our sections on right and wrong betting. Knowing when to suspend is where money management comes in.

The first consideration should be how much money you’re prepared to lose in a session – never ever play with money you cannot afford to kiss valediction! This sum becomes the entrance at which you should cut your losses and stop playing. Depending on your self-discipline, it may be a good idea to only place this amount into your player account, because it makes it easier to see what gains or losses you’ve made and means you can’t continue to play without interrupting your session to make a fresh deposit, giving you pause for thought!

Another cooperative strategy to consider bringing to the online Craps table is also to set a point at which you only continue playing with winnings. If during a successful session you find your increase reach a certain level (a sensible marker would be 75 to 100% of the sum you’ve set as your loss limit) then ‘ring fence’ that as the ‘playing fund’ you’re prepared to gamble for the remainder of that session. If you continue to play and then lose that sum, that is the point to quit, on foot away with no net less or gain. If you continue to make gains, set aside those additional gains, and quit either when you’re ready or if you then hit a losing line and wipe out the ‘playing fund’ you set.

Crucially, a strategy is worthless if you don’t stick to it! Battle the temptation to take risks you realistically cannot afford – you should be playing Craps for fun and entertainment, not to solve a problem with your personal finances!