Casino Etiquette

The issue of player etiquette is not so crucial when playing web casinos, as lots of of the accepted conventions of land-based casinos are not applicable internet. Playing a good quality session of Blackjack in just your underpants, while taking calls on your phone is clearly possible at an virtual casino without causing concern, whereas in a real-world club it’s going to discover you out on the street pretty damn quick! However, as various online casinos offer chat facilities to complement multi-player games, there is a need to observe some basic, common sense rules when using these to interact with other players and / or live casino staff.

  • Players should not use indecent, threatening or foul language
  • Players should not slander, abuse or threaten others
  • Players should not use nicknames that could reasonably cause offence
  • Players should not use sexual or racial slurs.
  • Players should not impersonate other players.

Remember, when playing online, good manners cost nothing and bad behaviour will earn you a ban.
Real World Casino Etiquette
Whilst this is not an comprehensive list, below are some of the ordinary issues of etiquette involved with playing the mainly popular games in land-based casinos. Common to all the games it’s constantly a batter idea to be clear on the rules previous to you gamble to accumulate yourself time, money and embarrassment! Oh, and be polite to fellow players and casino staff too – a sharp tongue or potty mouth will guarantee a very quick exit we can assure you.


  • Transactions to buy or cash chips should only be done among hands. If a game is in progress when one can join the table, wait until it’s finished.
  • If your cards are dealt to you face up, do NOT touch them.
  • If your cards are dealt to you face down, only handle them with one hand, never both. Also do not bend the cards.
  • Once you have located your bet on the table, do not touch it after the first card has been dealt.
  • Be aware of the hand signals to indicate your decisions. For example, a player naturally taps the table to indicate a ‘hit’ and waves, palm open parallel to the table to indicate that they are standing.
  • Do not ask the dealer for guidelines or advice. You are expected to assemble your own decisions about how much you want to bet, and how to play your dealt hand.
  • If you’re not doing well, do not vent your frustration on the cards, the dealer or other players.
  • If the pack is not playing your way consider moving tables rather than insisting on continual reshuffles of the pack.


  • Keep your hands obvious of the table when the Shooter is rolling
  • If you are the Shooter, ensure the throw is a superior bounce on the table. Trying to get the dice to slide along on the table, rather than rolling them properly will be adjudicated as a ‘no throw’. Repeat the offence and it’s three strikes and you’re out!
  • Be aware that various wagers require you to place your bet on the layout after which the dealer places the correct chips on your behalf.
  • Wrong betting is considered slightly distasteful amongst many Craps fans, so show some reserve if you’re making and (especially) winning wrong odds.
  • The dealer is not allowed to take cash or chips directly from a player. Players should place their money on the table in the hiatus between rolls and ask the dealer for ‘change only’.
  • Craps is not a chatty game, so a little decorum is appreciated by many players.


  • Do not attempt to place or eliminate bets once the wheel is set spinning.
  • If your seated at a Roulette table you are expected to play. Seated ‘spectators’ should not be surprised (or offended) if the croupier or a pit boss asks them to move.
  • Winning bets are left on the table layout. If you don’t want to play the wager on the subsequently spin, you must remove it yourself before the wheel is set in motion.
  • Payoffs on winning straight, split, street square and line bets are short of to the player by the croupier. Payoffs for other bets are placed alongside the winning bet, and should be retrieved by the player if they don’t want it to be played on the after that spin.

Machine Games

  • Don’t hog numerous machines if the casino is busy.
  • Be awake of ‘change cups’ left on seats in front of systems. This is a ‘back soon’ sign that the player’s attractive a temporary break, and is expecting to return shortly to maintain playing that machine. Do NOT interfere, or ‘nip in’ to play that machine. Find another machine that’s obviously free.


Tipping is a thorny matter but players should use their carefulness. Casino staff often rely on tactics to supplement relatively low basic pay, but this should not oblige you to tip them if you consider the overhaul you receive to be poor. However, where service is efficient and has made your own gathering enjoyable a tip is good etiquette regardless of your performance at the tables. The level of tip is again up to you, but be generous if the service has been good, and especially if you’ve had a decent win!