11 Sep

Rules of Craps Odds Bets

One of the best bet in craps odds there, as the player will not find any house edge. Also known as Supplemental bets, they are back up bets on the Line bets that is Pass or Don’t Pass, Come or Don’t Come. The Craps odds bets are provisional in what Point or Come Point has to be recognized. At the time of result the player cannot place a Pass Odds bet or the Don’t Pass Odds bet.

The higher Craps Odds bet is 3 x the subsisting Line bet. In the backup bet, the Odds bet advances only when the corresponding Line bet wins. The online craps odds bet lose when the line bet drops off. As no house, edge is there with Odds bets, they pay the player right odds.

The bet is not enrolled on the layout of craps but any serious player who knows the rules & regulations can take its full benefit –

After the passline bet, casino permits you to make an extra bet that is called as an odds bet. This bet is made after the original pass line bet on the Craps table.

As the shooter gets his point, the player is paid even cash for the passline bet. The player is paid true odds for the odds bet abridging the house benefit

For instance, if the point were four or ten, your win is paid two to one; if the point were five or nine, the win is paid three or two. When the point is six or eight, the win is paid six to five.

The pass line bet has the house edge of about 1.41%. As you place an extra odds bet, obviously you take down the house edge on the passline bet. The passline bet having single odds has about 0.85% of house edge.The casinos always look for different ways to speed up the game. All what they want to see is the turn over of more money. One of the best ways to do this is by altering the amount of odds that a player can take.

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