12 Feb

Popular Slots Strategies

As in any other game of chance, there is no particular “slots strategy” for you to learn. There are some simple rules which if you should follow to get a best opportunity to win.

1. Knowledge

Before you insert a coin, make it a point to spare a few minute to read the material posted on the slot machine. You must understand all the information related to the number of coins to insert. Read there to know about the winning combination of symbols, awards, payouts. The most essential skill to play slots is identification of machine. It suits an intelligent player to look for best possible slot opportunities.

2. Maximum Coins

When you are playing the progressive slot games, play the most number of coins always. On progressives, slots the return percentages are generally low compared to the standard machines. You know you play a progressive slot to win the jackpot and thus to increase your chances to win the jackpot, you must play entire coins.

3. Machine to play

The fact lies here that the high the denomination is, the better the payback will be. Nevertheless, when you cannot afford to play a higher maximum amount of coins, you must not be playing that denomination of machine. If your bankroll cannot afford the dollar slots, you must find quarter machine.

While you decide about which type of slot machine you should play at, it also concerns in a way about video poker. You might not know that even a poor player trying his hand on a video poker machine will get a better payback compared to most other slot machines.

4. Play Slow

Always play with slow pace. If you will play fast, it will become better for the casino. Keep your game slow; it will be better for you.

5. Set a loss limit

While playing Slots, you should set a loss limit on your bankroll to play each gaming session. Make it a point that this gaming limit does not exceed. Keep yourself in discipline and always stick to it.

6. Join the slot club

If you are a regular slot player, you should join the slot club. The members of the slot club are favored customers. They often receive rewards such as cash back, discount shows, food / room comps, presents and prizes to have a substantial percentage of their loses on slot machines. If you will join a club, you will stay with only one casino and it is a wise decision.

7. Have confidence in your luck
Play with confidence in your game and never underestimate your luck. Luck is your biggest supportive factor when you play any game of chance like Slot. The slot players follow many different theories, which explain what affects the playing result, known as Slot Machine Myths.

8. Win jackpot and run!

As soon as you hit a big jackpot, just take your money and run! If you want to play more, just keep most part of money aside and play in the limit of your bankroll.

9. Cash out button – forget it not

Before you walk off from a machine, do not forget to press the cash out button. It is strange but true. Many of the gamblers do not remember to collect their winnings.

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