15 May

Most Modern Roulette Manner

If you are of the type who would like to sit and relax in the casino, find an open seat and make yourself comfortable. If you can view a few options, choose a seat best suited to your needs. For example, as a wheel watcher, you would almost certainly be pleased about sitting right next to the wheel. This is known as the “first base”. This position will allow you to see the wheel and cover the top and middle of the betting layout. The “center” position is most suited for reaching the whole betting baize. Here, you will get the best access to the layout and absolute visibility of the wheel. The last seat on the straightaway, called “second base” offers perhaps, the worst view of the wheel. From here, if you like to place a bet at the top of the layout, help from the dealer would be required.

The UK roulette casinos have a more formal atmosphere. They tend to run at a leisurely pace, unlike their American counterparts. You are required to adopt a more formal dress code and attitude in a UK casino. Swigging beer and having an entertaining and uninhibited time at a roulette table at a UK club would be most inappropriate.

You can use the regular casino chips when the table is not too busy and you only wish to place a few quick bets. However, do that only when no one else is using them. Most dealers would not mind such an arrangement. If you check with the dealer first, it would indicate that you are aware of your roulette etiquette.

As long as you keep you’re betting to the outside bets, then the regular house chips are all right. Distinct from the inside bets, you need to keep your bet separate from everyone else. Larger denominations can be in the bottom and the smallest denomination on top. This would be a good way of stacking your bet. Bets organized in this fashion make it easier for the dealer to make quick and accurate payoffs.

To help you to conduct yourself better, try reading articles on how to conduct yourself at the roulette table. This will help you to gain a better insight to all the inside and outside bets and their payoffs.

Whether seated or standing at the roulette table, ensure that your conduct is proper and of the highest standard. It is not wrong to enjoy yourself, but avoid being too loud and obtrusive. You need to avoid bumping or shoving other customers blowing smoke or using unsophisticated language. These happen most of the time and are not good roulette etiquette. Some respect for fellow beings ensures that you yourself have a more enjoyable experience.

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