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Importance of Money Management and Surrender in Blackjack

Money management is the key to gambling success. The following tips will prevent you from spending all your money on a game of blackjack:

Importance of Money Management and Surrender in Blackjack

1. Gamble with the money that you can easily afford to lose
2. Keep a decided amount of money aside for gambling purposes
3. Log off when you have spent the decided amount
4. Remember each day cannot be a winning day
5. Do not indulge in flat betting-vary your bet amount
6. Remember to bet small sums when you are losing and large sums when you are winning
7. Never try to win back the amount you have lost, with one big bet
8. Withdraw half of your winning amount during your winning streak
9. Be patient during your losing streaks and do not exceed your bankroll. Blackjack is a game of chance so; do not give up after three rounds of lost games.
10. Quit when you are winning and never look back.

Surrender: Allows a blackjack game player to sacrifice his or her hand in exchange of loss of half the original bet. Players can surrender their initial two-card hand before drawing another card and only after the dealer has inspected his cards for a blackjack. Surrender cannot be used if the dealer has a blackjack hand. When a player surrenders, he or she can no longer play in that round.

Now that the rules have been explained, let us understand some Tips and playing tricks to increase the probability of your win.

1. Always split pairs of Aces and eights
2. Don’t pair split 10-value cards – 10s, Jacks, Queens, or Kings
3. Never buy insurance.
4. Always stand on 17 or above.
5. Always hit on 11 or below
6. Never stick to the “dealer rules” as the “system” works only for the dealer and not the player
7. If you are a beginner, play by the Basic Strategy. You can improve your odds only through consistency.

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