22 Jun

Fundamental Rules For Poker

In Pai Gow Poker game dealer deals seven 7-card hands, face down, in front of chip tray. On the table, each player is dealt with seven cards. The dealer makes a check that exactly four cards are left over. He then places the cards in the discard holder. The players position the cards to create two separate hands one two-card hand and other five-card hand. They are also called the Low Hand and the High Hand.

The player must move two of the cards in the Low Hand and the rest others stay in the High Hand. The five-card hand should be high than two-card hand. That is, the high hand must beat the low hand, always. This is an main rule of online poker applied for the player’s two hands. They rank higher than the Banker’s two hands.

When the player arranges the hand in a way that the two-card hand becomes higher compared to the five-card hand, the hand will be a losing hand routinely.

The Two-card or Low hand of the player must have high rank than the Two-card or Low hand of the Banker. Similarly, the Five-card or High hand of the Player must rank high than the Five-card or High hand of the Banker. When one hand ranks almost identical with the Banker’s hand, it is known as a tie. The Banker then wins all the ties.

Basic objective of the game for the player is to beat the house with his or her two poker hands. The seven players play in the game, and each hand is compared against the dealer’s hands only.

After the Banker exposes his cards, players cannot stroke their cards. The players are not allowable to show their hands or to talk to other players before all the cards are exposed.

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