10 Oct

Different Types of Craps

There are different types of craps like Private craps, Money craps, Bank craps, and Scarney craps. You can apply the free download versions of craps with play money and then graduate to playing real games with real money. Online casinos offer single player and multiplayer options and give you good bonuses if you play regularly at their casino. The casino must give you a best quality customer service to answer your queries at any time of the day or night.

Before you start betting at a game of craps stick to a set limit for betting. Once you cross this limit stop playing and walk away from the game. This strategy will help you recover some of your losses and prevent you from going overboard. Remember that playing online craps well also involves the art of better money management.

At craps table there are two people one person take the bets and distribute the money and one person who passes the dice and monitors the game. The fourth man determines the speed of the game and passes the dice to the player to start the game once all bets are on the table. You must throw the dice such that it does not roll off the table. Though throwing the dice in a specified way may not get the desired outcome in your favor, so avoid any so called winning systems that teach you to roll the dice in a specific way. The basic difference between an online game and an offline game is that in the former you play against the machine while in the letter you compete against different players.

To win always at craps you must place only two bets, the pass bet and the odds bet. First wager a pass bet and once the point is set, place odds bet. In the next roll, you must obtain the point before rolling a seven to win the pass bet. If the point comes you win the odds bet also and the payoff is double that of a pass line bet, you can get a net profit. If you want to take more risk, place a field bet on any number other than five, six, seven, and eight. If you roll, any number other than those referred above, you win the wager.

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