25 Mar

Craps Strategies For Tournaments

In a tournament, the kinds of bets you make will be unusual from the ones made in the normal course of play. This is because you are no longer involved in a contest against the house but against the fellow players. In such tournaments, two top players from every round make it into the next. Therefore, at the end there can be as many as ten prizewinners.

In such tournament, the goal of yours is to make the greatest amount of money at the end of a certain number of rolls. You have to keep a sharp eye out for the chips in the racks of the other players. You need to be aware of their bets. Just before you enter into any of these tournaments of craps games, you will have to make acquainted yourself with the rules and terms for they will be different for every game. Therefore, some casino may lay down that you cannot make bets that are over $25. Then the others might rule that you keep your chips in full view of everyone. There is usually an orientation meeting held to brief you in these rules.

Towards the end of the game, you have to become aggressive. This could mean that you have to bet your entire bankroll on one number. Now there are a few tips that you have to keep in mind if you are going to make your mark in craps. There is a very fine line between the professional and the amateur player.

Therefore, you should never handle the dice with more that one hand. There is only one-way in which dice can change hands at the table. You should place them on the table, let go and then grab with the other hand.

If you are to throw the dice, you should aim the farthest wall at the opposite side. The dice have to be tossed and not slided over. However, the toss should not be higher than the eye level of the dealer. If you are winning then it is expected of you to tip the dealer.

Never offend the other players by saying the word seven aloud. Then it goes against etiquette to place a wager late. Then never must you place food and drinks on the chip rail.

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