06 Oct

Basic Strategy of Poker Game

First of all you need to know the basics strategy of the game then you can start to play the game. The best strategy is to play the game in simple way. You must check your hands for flushes and then set your hand according to a preplanned strategy. Before you start to play confirm your hand for pairs, straight flush, or royal flush. If you do not have any then for the 2 hand you use your second and third highest card and for the 5 card hand you use your highest card.

There is some more like permutations and set combinations might just see you winning more. Though, the better chance of winning Pai Gow poker game is when you are the banker. The reason is that the banker wins all copies. However, you cannot be the banker on all occasion; you are generally allowed two following hands before you pass on the option of the banker to the next player.

Now here are some Pai Gow Poker Hand rankings: Royal flush – 10-J-Q-K-A of the same suit, Straight Flush – Cards ranked in order under to the same suit (e.g. 5-6-7-8-9 of hearts), Five Aces- A-A-A-A-Joker, and many more such ranking go into making of a Pai Gow Poker Hand.

If you win both your hand outright then you can get your Pai Gow winnings. The cash is paid evenly meaning 1-1 minus the commission. As mentioned previous the commission is 5% and will be deducted from your payout. However, there is a reason to cheer. If you lose there hands then no commission is deducted from losing hands. The house benefit in this game is 2.5% around, but when the player performs the role of the banker the benefit of the house become even.

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