14 May

Basic Manner Of UK Roulette

It is not only nice to be aware of the rules of any game you play, but also considered good etiquette. The same applies in the case of UK roulette as well. The popularity of the game stems from the fact that it is very simple to learn. Moreover, the influence of online casinos has contributed to its popularity. However, you would be considered to have good roulette etiquettes if you knew a few basic rules before starting to play the game.

The first thing you should know is that in a game of roulette you are not competing with other players but with the dealer. Up to eight players can play the game at a time. A player of roulette buys different colored chips. When he registers a win, the chip is cashed with a certain value. However, two rules provide you with a few other options. One – in case of “even money bet” in “En Prison”, you get an opportunity to take back a bet or leave it for other spin in case the ball lands on Zero. In “La Partage”, you lose half your bet and are not allowed to leave the balance in prison, or out for another spin.

You have to also be aware of a few other elementary things. Remember to place your bet before announcement of ‘No more bets’ is made. Importantly, you must not touch your chips after betting is stopped.

Different nations have their individual sets of rules with a slight difference in the playing manner as well. Different areas have different table layout settings and seating settings. The chips may differ as well. The chips can be of two different categories – ‘House Chips’ and ‘Wheel Chips’. Depending from place to place, you must be aware if the chips are to be removed by hand or by rake. Knowing minor things such as this is considered good roulette etiquette.

In UK and other parts of Europe, roulette has an immense following. It is played in a comfortable, quiet manner and pursued as a leisure game enjoyed by the fair sex and systems player. Here, the table limits are higher and the house edge smaller.

You can plan when you think of paying a visit to a UK roulette casino. Check if they follow a dress code. Most of the UK casinos are quite elegant and have a formal dress code in place. The chances are that they might only be private clubs, open to members and their guests. You might have to wait 24 hours before you get a chance to play after you have applied for membership. Be careful in the UK, since unlike some other countries, tipping the dealer here may not be allowed and may show you in poor light. It is always safe and considered good roulette etiquette to do your homework up-front before visiting these casinos for the first time.

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