Blackjack Money Management

Once you’ve become contented with the basic strategy of Blackjack greatest suited to the online casino you’ve chosen to play, it’s important to consider the issue of money management further on of putting any real money on the table.

A good policy does not guarantee winning, only achieving the best possible odds of attractive, so good money management is critical to staying in control of potential losses.

The first step of smart money management is to fix a ‘bankroll’ to play with. How much? That’s easy; never play with money you can’t afford to lose. The size of bankroll you settle to play with defines your loss limit, and you need to be ruthlessly realistic about that figure if you are to enjoy your gaming experience.

When playing, if you hit your beating limit (i.e. exhaust your bank roll), be disciplined and end your session at the Blackjack table. The Golden Rule is ‘never chase your losses’.

Another technique of money management that some players find useful when they’re making profits is to adjust their bankroll to continue to play only with winnings. So, for instance, a player starts a sitting with a bankroll of £50 and in time finds he or she’s grown that to £100. He or she then continues to play only with the £50 gain, putting the original bankroll aside, not to be touched for the remainder of the game. This ensures that, at the very minimum, that player will walk away from that session having broken even.